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We propose the halfboard formula (breakfast and dinner) at extra charge :

- 25,00 € per person over 12 years old.

- 18,00 € for children from 8 to 11 years old.

- 13,00 € for children from 4 to 7 years old.

- Free for the littles one


Nous avons entièrement rénové notre restaurant, avec des ambiances différenetes, nous permettant de répondre à toute demande, que ce soit :

serons ravis de répondre à toutre demande de groupe, que ce soit :

  • l’organisation des manifestations telles un brunch d’entreprise, un pot retraite, un pot d'accueil ou présentation.
  • Une réunion professionnelle dans notre salle séminaire, autour d'un repas
  • Un repas de famille, d'affaires dès 15 personnes
  • Un banquet, un repas d'autocars de 15 à 90 personnes

Contactez-nous. Nous vous ferons un devis sur mesure !

Our Restaurant is open every evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (except Sunday low season)
Open on Midday on request from 15 people

The refinement of the table begins with a smiling welcome and is declined in the kitchen by the respect due to regional products.

We invite you to discover the pleasures of the table in our restaurant of the Hermitage, renovated in December 2016.

Open since 1975, having undergone only a few improvements in 40 years, it was time to rethink our room in a completely different spirit and this, for more comfort and conviviality. The entrance has a ramp and handicapped toilets.

  • A room with a buffet for catering and organizing events such as a corporate brunch, a potty retreat, a welcome drink or presentation
  • A dining room in a "meadow" spirit

Discover a traditional cuisine, in season, a varied menu, but also our specialties House and traditional Savoyard dishes here

For families, ask for our child formulas with:

- The menu bout'chou at 8.80 €
- The Bout'chou terroir at 11.00 €
We have high chairs available

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